Nell's Bio

On May 24, 1953 a little girl was born in Sydney, Australia. Her name was Laura Campbell. (forget the Sonny thing. According to relatives it's definitely Laura)
Her father Ross, who was a writer, gave her the nick name Little Nell. A name, under which she's known until today.
1972 Nell joined the australian swimming-team at the Olympic games im Munich.
1973 she played brilliant in the london Rocky Horror Show as Columbia.
Other movies followed. (see below)She also released a couple of singles. (see below).
During the 80's she ran the very successfull night club "Nell's" in New York.
Nowadays she writes for Tina Brown's Talk magazine.


I you have any of the movies or the records and want to sell them, please email me.

Special thanks to:
- Kate (a groupie), for Nell's real name 'Sonny'
- Arthur Levesque, for the help with completing Nell's bio.
- David Evans, for Nell's real real name 'Laura' :-)